Loyalty Rewards and Cancellation Policy

No Show or Late Cancellation Policy
Ahh Time Skin Lash Massage Studio


We realize that no one intends to late cancel or no show on appointments. However, there is a real cost associated with an appointment not kept.

We love our clients and adore our professional service providers.  Our independent contractors commute to work from the Mid-Cape and Off-Cape and leave home early to serve you.   They look forward to seeing you, prepare the room for you, and are not paid when you do not show up.  When they are not paid for their time and effort, they get cranky.  Cranky contractors look for work elsewhere.

We are committed to protect and retain these wonderful professionals in the long run. Cancellation without adequate notification (24 hours), impacts other clients who may have wanted your service, room, or staff member. A late cancellation will require a 75% payment for that session and forfeit any future discounts (frequent recliner and birthday special) for one calendar year. All appointments must be secured with a credit card.

A cancellation includes an acknowledgment from our staff; either a return call or an e-mail. Leaving a message on the recorder, e-mail or Facebook does not mean we have heard or seen the cancellation. If you are able to fill the scheduled appointment (maybe a friend or a family member would like to come in for an Ahhmazing experience), then we would be happy to waive the late cancellation fee.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Maureen O’Connor, Owner
Ahh Time Skin Lash Massage Studio